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The Endorphin

The Endorphin sleeps deep naps, until a twinkle of cry arrives to wake him, wrapped in crumbs of kindness. He does not stand still at all that takes place in the universe, he just listens carefully to every Echo that has the addiction of Pure Smile.

I offer the same drugs as many years ago , and their quality has not deteriorated any of the changes.

I’m there for you, even when you’re too detached to admit it, holding your palms in my hands when I whisper that no matter what, it’ll be fine .

Smile, how much you think that would cost you, especially when you have nothing else left to do.

The Endorphin, he stands foot over foot leaning against a musty-smelling backrest, waiting for you to overwhelm him with the dark thoughts that have clouded your sunny spring mornings. He filters your touches and sends back to you relentlessly and free of charge a good thought to keep in bad weather, to banish your clouds and to bring you warmth in the sky to which you are looking.

I’m there for you, even when you don’t need me, you just need to think about my stories from time to time.

I hug you with love, endorphin.

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